TORRELA Jewelry is a Mexican jewelry store founded in 2019. We work our accessories in a small workshop located in the magical town of Taxco, a place that has inspired our creator and designer Ricardo Alatorre to create unique pieces made of silver and energy stones, making honor the places and people who from different parts of the world have left an important mark on him.

At TORRELA, we like to imagine our jewelry as silent witnesses, always present in what we are every day, which is why mass production is not carried out in our workshop.


We see life as a set of symbols, and our brand maintains that clear vision of pieces that have the ability to express messages. We believe that everyone, from their place and from their experiences, is capable of giving life to these objects, that is where our pieces become amulets that speak for themselves; As a result, together we will create stories: we provide the design, you provide the meaning...


We create designs that are closely related to what your essence says about you. Giving voice to your personality and your style is what moves us. We want to accentuate that favorite version you have of yourself.

TORRELA has within its collections a very special edition. With it we seek to expand the energy of our work by sharing amulets and totems made with quartz and natural stones charged with high vibration energy frequencies that accompany us on a path of higher consciousness. These designs are thought of as an alternative for linking with others.

By sharing these pieces with others, you are not only giving away aesthetic objects, you are also providing intentions that impact their energy in a very special way. Embrace this way of sharing and watch the magic do its work.



Proudly born in Mexico and hand-carved in Taxco, a little place known as a magic town with ancient silver-mining. We make our creations inspired by deep connections with people and places from all over the world; experiences that marked our soul somehow. Our pieces evoke the spirit of those beautiful similarities we share as humanity. With that influence we design timeless and meaningful pieces. We think about them as silent witnesses telling stories. For that we thank our CEO & designer: Ricardo Alatorre, responsible for bringing these ideas together, making it possible to integrate his skills and life experiences, sharing this amazing brand as a result, the most important thing in our workshop is to handcraft each piece. knowing it is jewelry you will live in. Every item we make has its own language and every item is prominent, that's why we don't believe in mass production.

We know your favorite jewelry pieces are always the ones that give more power to your true self. We believe in symbols; our brand holds the vision of clean made pieces that express messages from real life experiences, that's why all the semi-precious stones, beads and other items used in TORRELA designs are carefully picked from special corners around the world.

It's up to you to give life to objects. Make life a ritual and choose your symbols, your meanings...



We make jewelry that helps you relate to your unique essence. Giving voice to your way of styling is our main purpose. We want to highlight your favorite version of yourself. Our items become silent reminders of your unique way of being. Our mission is to celebrate our body and the freedom we have to express ourselves through it.


TORRELA has a very special edition in which we aim to give out some of the energy of our work by sharing amulets and totems made with natural stones and many types of quartzes that carry a certain vibration you can benefit your energy with, elevating your consciousness as as a result.


Our designs are crafted to be a true alternative when we talk about using jewelry with an extra purpose: give our body the gift each quartz holds.
Considering these pieces as a present for your special ones is a very good idea since the intentions you have for them will remain in every stone.