We ask you to review this size guide before purchasing any TORRELA accessory. If you come to require an exchange for a different size, we will gladly support you with the shipment of the new one, just consider that the shipping costs will be borne by you.


The best way to ensure the size of your ring is by checking the size of one that you already use and that fits you well. If you do not have one, then we recommend the following:

Use a tape measure. For the best result, keep in mind that there should be enough room for the knuckle to pass through. Remember that fingers vary in size throughout the day depending on various factors, such as temperature and humidity. Therefore, we recommend that you measure your finger at the end of the day, probably when it will be most dilated. Also, it is possible for the same finger to have a different ring size on the left and right hands. Measure the finger you want to wear the ring on.

Check the measure that is comfortable for you. In the table below you can find the size of your ring. Take into account that in TORRELA we use the "American" measurement

As an example: If the circumference of your finger measures 57 mm, then you are a size 8


In the following image, the model shows the different measurements that we have at TORRELA.

It is important to consider that the size of your neck and chest may reduce the drop of your chain.